Contra Costa | Health Sense | Summer 2024

Call us at 877-661-6230 2 behavioral health Is your child developing well? Developmental delays are common. They come in many different forms. Language delays and disorders are the most common kind. For any child with a delay, it is helpful to find delays as soon as possible. There are often effective ways to intervene and treat them. This is why Contra Costa Health Plan (CCHP) is proud to work with all providers who see children. We can work together to make sure all young people are screened for developmental issues. Screening all children is the best way to spot even mild cases. Screening means that your doctor will check your child even if you think things are OK. When parents do have concerns about their child’s learning, behavior or development, they are often right. Be sure to tell your child’s provider if you have any concerns. How the screening process works Your health care provider will ask questions about your child’s behavior. They may also ask you to fill out a paper form. The form is part of the screening questionnaire. If your child screens “positive,” more tests may be needed. Testing may include: ●A hearing test. ●A speech and language evaluation. ●Referral to an occupational or physical therapist. ●Referral to the Regional Center of the East Bay. ●Referral to a developmental specialist or a child psychologist. Based on this testing, your doctor can make a plan. They can monitor and treat your child as needed. If you have any questions, please talk to your provider. Ask about your child’s screening and tests. Ask what treatment the provider recommends. Work together with your health care provider. That way, you can help your child make the best progress possible. Find support To learn more about how a child develops, check out the Help Me Grow programs! They offer support by: ●Helping you make sure your child is healthy and developing well. ●Connecting you to community resources, such as free playgroups. ●Giving families referrals to other community resources. These resources can support your child’s development. They can also help with other needs of the entire family. You can call the program at 800-830-5380. Or just dial 211 and ask for Help Me Grow today! You can also learn more at